Gloria Orellana, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner | Owner of La Vida Health, LLC

Gloria Orellana is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner specializing in Family Medicine, bringing over 20 years of valuable experience to her practice. With a Master's Degree from Florida Southern College in Lakeland and a Bachelor's of Science from the University of South Florida, Gloria has cultivated a deep understanding of healthcare and a passion for providing exceptional care to her patients.

Throughout her career, Gloria has worked in various healthcare settings, including Community Care, Clinical Research, and Holistic Medicine. As a Registered Nurse, she gained invaluable experience in fields such as Emergency Room/Trauma, Psychiatric Care, Neurologic Rehabilitation, Transitional Care, and Geriatrics. This diverse background has equipped her with a comprehensive skill set to address a wide range of healthcare needs.

Gloria's commitment to excellence is evident in her professional achievements. She is Nationally Board Certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and remains an active member of the Tampa Bay Advanced Practice Nurses Council. By staying current with the latest advancements in healthcare, she ensures that her patients receive the highest standard of care and benefit from the most up-to-date treatment options.

With enthusiasm and compassion, Gloria approaches each patient with a genuine desire to promote their well-being. She believes in delivering affordable, high-quality care and focuses on wellness and preventative services in her private practice, La Vida Health, LLC. By prioritizing the holistic health of her patients, Gloria empowers them to live fulfilling lives and achieve optimal health outcomes.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Gloria cherishes the time spent with her family and finds solace in her faith and involvement in her church community. She also enjoys running, which allows her to maintain her own physical and mental well-being.

Choose Gloria Orellana as your trusted healthcare provider and experience personalized care that prioritizes your well-being. With her expertise and compassionate approach, she is dedicated to helping you lead a healthier and happier life


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