Women's Care

Women's Care in Temple Terrace, FL

Just as children require the care of a pediatrician to keep them healthy, we also recognize that women’s health needs are different from kids, teens, and men. We want women of all ages living in Temple Terrace, FL, to have access to quality healthcare that puts their own healthcare needs at the forefront. Here at La Vida Health LLC, we understand the individualized and tailored care women need throughout all stages of their lives because our team is run by our nurse practitioner Gloria Orellana.

Putting Your Health First

As a woman, you may often put others’ needs before your own; however, it’s also important to put your health and needs first. We understand the pressures that many women face, particularly working professionals and moms (and both!). Women must be also taking time out to get the preventive care, screenings, and checkups they need to detect possible health problems early on when they are easily treatable or can be reversed.

Here at La Vida Health LLC, we know what women need when it comes to healthcare because we are a medical practice led by a female nurse practitioner. You want a primary care provider that also understands that women have different and unique needs. From discussing birth control options to managing menopausal symptoms, we’ve worked with women of all ages living in and around Temple Terrace, FL, to provide them with the primary health care they deserve.

We want to make sure that we serve as many communities as possible so that women never have to go without the primary care they need. From routine physicals and screenings to managing chronic health problems, we offer it all to women of all ages right here at our practice.

If you are looking for a female provider that makes women’s health a priority and will put your health needs first, then call La Vida Health LLC in Temple Terrace, FL, today at (813) 405-8058 to schedule an appointment with Gloria Orellana.


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